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Joseph Alminawi


Swift, Mr. Clean, Howie Mandel


December 6, 19--


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Joseph Alminawi (often known as Swiftor or Swift) is an interactive broadcaster on Swift is the co-founder of the GameOn Network that has been broadcasting on JTV for several years. As a result, he frequently gets at least 4,500 viewers bi-weekly.

Swiftor on Justin.tvEdit

Swiftor joined in early Feburary of 2008 and began broadcasting a large variety of video games a few months later. His live broadcast can be found here at GameOn - He can be found broadcasting every day at 3 PM EST and on 11 AM EST on Weekdays. He may occasionally broadcast on Sunday at various, unexpected times.

Ask Swiftor When are you live and how do I get into your games?01:39

Ask Swiftor When are you live and how do I get into your games?

Frequently Asked Questions - Answered!

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