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What is the GameOn Network?Edit

The GameOn Network is a group of interactive broadcasters on who broadcast video games on a daily basis, and also includes the GameOn Forums for members of the community to hold discussions and further interact with their favorite broadcasters outside of their streams.

The Live Page is currently home to over 30 broadcasters and is updated several times a year with new faces, and the forums currently has tens of thousands of members, constant new conversations, and is always welcoming new users!

History of the GameOn NetworkEdit

Swiftor and Chingy founded the GameOn Network in early 2008 with a vision to build an interactive community of gamers. Their new network began on, a live broadcasting site dedicated to multiplayer gaming, but eventually migrated to's gaming counterpart, The network soon become popular and many new members joined, with the Live Page eventually being formed to host these casters.

In 2008, the GameOn Network moved from to a friendly multiplayer gaming community created by Swift and Chingy. is currently being used by Swift as an interactive blog where he can share interesting information about virtually any topic. Later in November, the GameOn Forums were created. With over 14,000 members, 28,000 threads, and 291,000 posts, the forum is very interactive with the GameOn community, and is still just as interactive and still growing.

Then, on December 2009, the GameOn Wiki was created by co-founders Labtech and Jhakai to recollect famous memories of the GameOn community. It was then revived in late 2014 by several GameOn members who wanted to learn more about the history of GameOn and about its casters and members (new and old) and educate others on the broadcasters and members who have shaped GameOn into the community it currently is.